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April 2022 Worship Service



Unified Church of Christ and Truth Nondenominational Worship Service, conducted in the format as taught by Jesus to His chosen Twelve, and recorded by Apostle John. Father Placidus, in 1870, found Jesus' Gospel John recorded, and on his way back to Rome he translated it from Aramaic to Latin. He read the translation to a gathering of Cardinals, and when they learned it contained doctrine not authorized by by the First Council of Nicaea 325 AD, they decided to secret it in the Vatican archives, as they feared the adverse effect the Church would experience, should the public gain knowledge of its contents. Thanks to Fr. Placidus and the dedication of 3 others, the contents did become public knowledge.

The Truthful Reason Why Yeshua Was Crucified

The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ Index (66)

Jesus Orders The Money Changers And Butchers Out Of The Temple.


And it came to pass that the Passover ritual of the Jews was at hand, and Jesus went into Jerusalem from Bethany. And there He found in the temple, those who sold sheep, oxen, and doves, and also the money changers awaiting business. And Jesus looked upon these men in disgust, for He was weary from their continued evils and hard heartedness. And Jesus proceeded to drive all of them out of the Temple, and also loosed the oxen and sheep, and set free the doves, and then poured out the changers’ money, and overturned their tables.

And Jesus said unto them, “Thy hands are dripping with blood of innocent creatures of God! Take these things with you and return no more and make not My Father’s House a house of business! Buyers and sellers! Money lovers! Is it not written, (Bible reference, Isaiah 56:7 & Jeremiah 7:11) ‘My House is a House of Prayer, for all nations, all peoples?” But look, ye have made it a den of thieves, and filled it with all manner of evil.”

And Jesus would not allow any man to carry any vessel of blood through the Temple, nor would He allow any ANIMALS to be SLAIN for SACRIFICE. And Jesus said unto them, “Know ye, because of the hardness of thy hearts, pure innocents suffer greatly; ye are from the ruler of darkness, in this one light exists not, and ye have become the agents of darkness and every evil. Yea, ye all serve evil with willing hearts and excitement of soul and ye shall be judged by thy unholy standards, for if ye knoweth of Satan’s laws, know also ye shall be punished by them, for with evil things Satan judges, evil men of this world and chastises the children of disobedience.

“Workers of LAWLESS DEEDS! How are ye to flee the judgment of Gehenna? Trust ye in thy gods of death and agony and be ye judged by thy false gods, who leadeth ye to darkness and the pit and feels sorry not for thy souls.” And the Jews, hearing these words, were angry with Jesus and said unto Him: “What sign shewest thou unto us and by what authority thou doest and sayest these things? Why, for generations we worketh only good to God and Knoweth not an evil deed!

And Jesus answered and said unto them: “LIARS! Again, I say unto you, even as I spake unto you before this day, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up!”

But the Jews understanding not His words, said to Him: “Forty and six years was this Temple in the making and wilt thou rear it up in only three days?” For the Jews understood not that Jesus spake of the TEMPLE of His BODY that would be RAISED in THREE DAYS after His DEATH, for the Jews knoweth not the inner workings of the TRUE CHURCH of GOD, nor did they seek after Jesus’ sayings to know thereof. And after that time the SCRIBES and PRIESTS of the Temple SOUGHT only HOW THEY MIGHT DO AWAY WITH JESUS, for they feared His words, seeing that all the people were receptive to His teachings.

Praise be to Yeshua.

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve – Lection LXXV1: Judas Betrays Yeshua.

27. Now JUDAS Iscariot had gone to the house of Caiaphas and said unto him, Behold He, (Yeshua) has celebrated the PASSOVER, within the gates, with the MAZZA in place of the LAMB. I indeed bought a LAMB, but He FORBADE that it should be KILLED, and lo, the man of whom I bought it is witness.  28. And Caiaphas rent his clothes and said, truly this is a PASSOVER of the LAW of MOSES. (Passover reference, The Bible, Exodus - Chapter 12) He hath done the deed, which is WORTHY of DEATH, for it is a weighty transgression of the law. What need of further witness? Yea, even now two robbers have broken into the Temple and stolen the book of the law, and this is the end of His teaching. Let us tell these things to the people who follow Him, for they will fear the authority of the law. 29. And one that was standing by as Judas came out, said unto him, thinkest thou that they will put Him to death? 30. And Judas said, Nay, for He will do some mighty work to deliver Himself out of their hands, even as when they of the synagogue in Capernaum rose up against Him and brought Him to the brow of the hill that they might throw Him down headlong, and did He not pass safely through their midst. He will surely escape them now also and proclaim Himself openly and set up the KINGDOM whereof He spake.

Praise be to the Eternal All.

Brothers and Sisters, truthfully, Yeshua’s doctrine was based firmly upon the Creator’s Everlasting Humane Commandments. This is even made evident within the Bible New Testament canon scripture below.

Bible reference, JOHN 14:

Verse 10. If ye KEEP My COMMANDMENTS, ye shall ABIDE in My LOVE; even as I have KEPT My FATHER’S COMMANDMENTS and abide in HIS LOVE.

Note: The Everlasting Humane Commandments will be shared near the end of the message.

Note: The Law which Yeshua’s doctrine was based upon as well as His Humane and vegetarian teaching has been removed from the Bible canon during the Council of Nicaea by Constantine in the year 325 A.D.

Yeshua knew perfectly well the Old Testament Law attributed to Moses was corrupted to fit the evil narrative of a Blood Sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin. And within those counterfeit commandments there was no CONDEMNATION for the EATING of FLESH.

Below is given the Old Testament corrupted scripture references pertaining to the Blood Sacrifice.

Bible reference, – Exodus 24: The Blood Covenant &

Exodus 29: The Blood Sacrifice Rituals & Laws.

Yeshua was confronted many times by the Jewish Temple Clergy. The following text is another example of how they despised Him.

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve – Lection L1: The Truth Maketh Free.

12. And certain of the ELDERS and SCRIBES from the TEMPLE came unto Him, (Yeshua) saying, Why do thy DISCIPLES teach men that it is UNLAWFUL to EAT the FLESH of beasts though they be offered in sacrifice as by Moses ordained. 13. For it is written (Bible reference, Genesis 9:2.) God said to Noah, The fear, and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the field, and every bird of the air, and every fish of the sea, into your hand they are delivered. 14. And Jesus said unto them, Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias speak of you and your forefathers, sayings, (Bible reference, Isaiah 29:13.) This people draweth nigh unto Me, with their mouths and honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me, for in vain do they worship Me teaching and believing and teaching for divine doctrines, the commandments of men in My Name but to satisfy their own lusts. 15. As also Jeremiah bear witness when he saith (Bible reference, Jeremiah 7:21-24.) concerning blood offerings and sacrifices I the Lord God COMMANDED NONE of THESE THINGS in the day that ye came out of Egypt, but only this I commanded you to do, righteousness, walk in the ancient paths, do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God. 16. But ye did not hearken to Me, Who in the BEGINNING, (Bible reference, Genesis 1:29-31.) gave you all manner of seed, and fruit of the trees and seed having been for the FOOD and healing of MAN and BEAST. And they said, Thou speakest against the law. 17. And He said against MOSES indeed I do NOT SPEAK nor against the law, but against THEM WHO CORRUPTED his LAW, which he permitted for the hardness of your hearts. 18. But, behold, a greater than Moses is here! And they were WRATH and took up stones to cast at him. And Jesus passed through their midst and was hidden from their violence.

More from Yeshua’s Humane Doctrine.

The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ Index (27)

Yeshua Condemns Animal Sacrifice Shows It To Be From Satan And Not God.

And after many other things were said and done, Yeshua returned to the city, and looked upon the innocent creatures of God awaiting slaughter as daily sacrifice in the temple at Jerusalem. And He said unto His disciples and many people that had gathered around them, for everywhere Yeshua went, crowds surrounded Him to listen and hear His wisdom:

“Behold, these poor innocent beasts of thy earth, they harm not themselves, nor man, nor any other creature. Yea, they eat the green vegetation of the field, sinless and without blood guilt they have remained since their creation. Faithful and obedient they remain to their masters in hope that Humane feelings be their reward in life, but instead they receive every hurt and death at man’s hand.

Lo, the lust of ignorant and stubborn man brings them down in death and much blood, that men may satisfy the lusts of their own flesh. Such men have hearts, but know them not, for they have become like their idols of stone, hard and vain.

“Woe to such blasphemers who REJECT the HOLY LAW of the SACREDNESS of ALL LIFE! Woe to such BLIND GUIDES with hearts of stone, who use their eyes to lust after things they need not nor are lawful unto them!

For they transgress the Law of Moses to Maketh themselves fat on the flesh and blood of innocent victims, that God COMMANDED THEM NOT, EVER SINCE the BEGINNING. Woe be unto this very Temple built by human hands, for the TEMPLE made without hands, (Yeshua’s body) is here in their midst, but they see or hear not.

“FOR I COME to END ALL SACRIFICE and BLOODSHED and tell ye, if ye CEASE NOT OFFERING and EATING of FLESH and BLOOD, the wrath of God shall not cease from you, even as it CAME to YOUR FATHERS in the WILDERNESS, who under Moses LUSTED for FLESH, which they ate to their fulness, and were filled with rottenness, and the plague consumed them according to their evil desires. (Bible reference, NUMBERS 11:31-35. Lust for Flesh).

“For I say unto you, Though ye be gathered together in My bosom, if ye KEEP NOT all My COMMANDMENTS, I will cast you forth. For if ye keep not the lesser revelations, who, ask, shall give you the greater ones? For since time immemorial, God hath at No TIME REQUIRETH animal or human sacrifices, lest He be inferior to the Holy Law! Nor hast God permitted man or beast to devour one another for food, lest He be ignorant of His own Love! How then, do ye eat flesh and give sacrifices of blood according to the law of Humane Love.

“Ye KNOW NOT the TRUE GOD, but WORSHIP the PERVERTED god of thy world, even Satan the one and same father of the sword and bloodshed. For by this one, DEATH ENTERED into the WORLD and death spread to all things, for all things are in bondage as SLAVES to the MASTER of the LIE. But I come to SET FREE those imprisoned by chains of sin and give forth My HOLY LAW again unto the nations that they may KNOW the only TRUE GOD of LOVE and MERCY. For My God above suffereth sin and error of men much, lest He put a swift end to the vanity of the world and cut off His ELECT SEED.

“But be ye to complete the LAW of GOD, lest ye stumble in thy evil ways and meet death as thy final reward. For he that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much, and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. So it is with the Holy Law, for the first truths you keepeth not, but seek after the greater. SEEK ye FIRST the LAWS of GOD and all else will be revealed unto you. No man may digest the solid food of God, lest first he taketh of the liquid, for MY LAW is the WATER of LIFE. Drink ye, like pure water, and all other mysteries of God will be opened to you, and then ye will know the true God and His God Works.

“For ye desire to SERVE TWO MASTERS, one good, one evil, and cannot, for either ye will hate the one, and love the other, or else ye will stick to the one and desire the other. Know ye, then, thy true root, whether ye be good or evil, and then ye shall know the truth that giveth life and health. Ye cannot serve both the True God and Satan, for the True God is ALL LOVE and His HOLY LAW leadeth to ALL LIFE, there being no death in His Order and Household.

“But know ye, that Satan is the god of death and bloodshed and also giveth to the people many unholy laws that the true God hateth and condemneth. Know ye, that the TWO CANNOT MIX, but the INFERIOR SHALL BE DONE AWAY WITH, for the HOLY LAW has SERVED as JUDGE over the LIVING and the DEAD since the days of Adam and Eve. Hence, ye are they which justify yourselves before men and God, for God knoweth your hearts and your ways.

“For know ye, that the same Law and the Prophets were here until John and changeth not. Yea, even BEFORE the FOUNDATIONS of thy EARTH were LAID, the LAW WAS and WILL ALWAYS BE. Yea, it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away, than one tittle of the Law to fail its purpose. (Bible reference, Matthew 5:18) Keep ye the Law, then, and all other things will be added unto you, for there is no thing above the Law, and anything which comes below the Law, is not perfect nor complete, nor is it from the true God of Love.

And the Pharisees heard all these sayings of Yeshua, and observed that He was speaking of them, for they lived according to DOCTRINES of MEN and of the devil, and not the TRUE LAW Moses hath given them in the wilderness, they being responsible for the lawlessness of animal sacrifice and flesh eating among Israel!

The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ Index (52) Jesus Again gives The Holy Law.

After six days, when the feast of tabernacles was nigh at hand, Yeshua did take the Holy twelve and did bring them up into a high mountain away from the people, and as He was praying the fashion of His countenance was changed and He was transfigured before them, and His face did shine as the sun, and His robe was white as the light. And behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with Him and speaking of the HOLY LAW, and of HIS DECEASE which HE SHOULD ACCOMPLISH at JERUSALEM. And Moses spake, saying, “This is HE of whom I foretold, saying, A prophet from the midst of thy brethren, like unto me shall the Eternal Spirit send unto you, and that which the Eternal Spirit speaketh unto Him , shall He speak unto you, and unto Him shall ye hearken, and whoso will not obey shall bring upon themselves their own self-willed destruction.”

Then Peter said unto Yeshua, “dear Lord, it is good for us to be here; if thou wilt let us make there three tabernacles – one for Thee, one for Moses and one for Elias. But while he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and twelve rays as of the sun issued from the cloud, and a voice came out of the cloud, which said, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; HEAR YE HIM and KEEP HIS LAW.”

And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their faces and were greatly astonished. And Yeshua came and touched them and said, “Arise and be not afraid.” And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man, save Yeshua only. And the six glories of the eternal spirit, the first of the holy Archangels, were seen upon Him.

And Yeshua said unto them, “Behold, anew I give unto you, The Law, which is not new but from old. Even as Moses gave the law to Israel after the flesh, so also I give unto you the LAW for the KINGDOM of ISRAEL after the SPIRIT.

“For who are the Israel of God? Even they of every nation and tribe who work righteousness, love, mercy and KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS, these are the true Israel of God.”

And standing upon His feet, Yeshua spake, saying: “Hear O Israel, the Eternal All, Thy God is One; Many are My overseers, and My prophets. In Me all live and move and have subsistence.

“Ye shall love thy God with all your understanding of the Holy Law.

“Ye shall love thy neighbor as yourself, even as the law instructs.

“Ye shall not take away the life of any creature for your pleasure, nor for your profit, nor yet torment it.

“Ye shall not steal the goods of any, nor gather lands and riches to yourselves, beyond your, need or use.

“Ye shall not eat the flesh, nor drink the blood of any slaughtered creature, nor yet anything which bringeth disorder to your health or senses.

“Ye shall not make impure marriages, where love and health are not, nor yet corrupt yourselves, or any creature made pure by the Holy One.

“Ye shall not bear false witness, against any, nor willfully deceive any by a lie to hurt them.

“Ye shall not do unto others, as ye would not that others should do unto you.

“Ye shall worship One Eternal the Father-Mother in Heaven, of Whom are all things, and reverence the Holy Name, keeping sacred Their daily holy communions.

“Ye shall revere your, fathers and your mothers on earth, whose care is for you, and all the teachers of righteousness.

“Ye shall cherish and protect the weak and those who are oppressed and all creatures that suffer wrong.

“Ye shall work with your hands the things that are good and seemly; so shalt ye eat the fruits of the earth and live long in the land.

“Ye shall purify yourselves daily and rest every Seventh Day from labor, keeping Holy the sabbaths and their Festivals of your God and Creator.

“Ye shall do unto others, as ye would that others should do unto you.”

And when His disciples heard these holy words, they smote upon their breasts, saying: “Wherein we have offended, O God please forgive us; and may thy wisdom, love and truth within us, so incline our hearts to love, keep and cherish this Holy Law.”

And Jesus said unto THEM, (His disciples, “My yoke is equal and my burden light, if ye will to bear it; to you it will be easy. Lay no other burden on those the ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM, but only these necessary things. This is the Law renewed unto the Israel of God, and the complete Law is within, for it is the LAW of LOVE, and it is NOT NEW but OLD. Take heed that ye add nothing to this law, neither take anything from it. for verily I say unto you, they who believe and obey this law shall be saved and they who know and obey it not, shall be lost. But as in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive. And the disobedient shall be given many tests, for they who persist in wickedness shall descend and shall perish eternally; but they who obey My Law will inherit everlasting life.” And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, “Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the sleep of death.”

Yeshua prepared His beloved disciples for His death to come and what He came to accomplish.

The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ - Portions from Index (57)

Jesus Knows His Sheep; the True Sheep Know Him.

“Thus, I lay down My earthly body, that I may take My spirit body again, Know ye, no man taketh life from Me, but I lay it down of My OWN WILL, for I have POWER to LAY MY LIFE DOWN and I have power to TAKE IT UP AGAIN. (Bible reference, John 10:17-18)

“Thus, I say unto ye, fear not the things thy eyes shall behold concerning My body, for it is My will that I lay down My body, and not the will of any man. Yea, I come from heaven with power and glory of the Father-Mother Who sent Me; I depart from earth, unlike the temple sacrifices of animal flesh, for BLOOD WASHES AWAY NOT the SINS of MAN, nor burnt offerings the evil. “I lay down My BODY in DEFENSE of the LOVE of the LAW, for there is no thing above the love of My law and no thing is greater than to lay down a life for a brother. Thus in ME the LOVE of the LAW is MADE MANIFEST, that men may know they abused the law of love and worked great sin against the creations of the Eternal Spirit.

All those who obeyed from the heart the Holy Way would be allowed to take part in God’s KINGDOM that would eventually come to earth. This prophetic time is known as the RENEWED EARTH. The Kingdom to come is explained in the following Chapter.

The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ Index (3)

Prophecy of Earth Being Transformed Into An Eden Paradise Once Again.

And Joseph, (Yeshua’s earthly father) spake these words: “Blessed be the True God of our fathers and our mothers in Israel, for in the acceptable time thou hast surely heard my voice and in the day of salvation hast Thou always helped me. For did not Thou saith, I will PRESERVE Thy HOLY SEED and make with thee a COVENANT of the PEOPLE to RENEW the face of the EARTH and RETURN everything BACK to its ROOT; and to cause the desolate places to be rescued from the very hands of THOSE DOING the SPOILING. For THOU hast PROMISED to RESTORE EDEN over the face of the earth and give peace and joy unto ALL the CREATURES. That thou mayest say to the captives, Go ye forth and be set free, even as ye were born free, and to them that live in darkness, because of fear, Thou sayest, “Show yourselves in the light of day, and be ye not afraid anymore, for they, one and all, shall again FEED in the ways of PLEASANTNESS ONLY. (A Plant Based Diet) For THY PEOPLE at that time, shall NO more HUNT nor worry the creatures with fear of hungerness, for all shall be fed and satisfied, which I have made to rejoice before my eyes. Nay, nor shall any hunger or thirst anymore; neither shall the heat of day smite them, nor the cold of night destroy them, and none shall be weary or restless, for all shall be at PEACE with ONE ANOTHER, under the Father-Mother God of Eternity. Therefore, Sing ye, Holy angels in heavens, and rejoice, thou earthly man; O ye deserts break forth with righteous song: for truly Thou, O GOD DOST COMFORT THY PEOPLE and ALL Thy CREATURES, and surely console them that have SUFFERED WRONG.”

More scripture references pertaining to the renewed Earth.

The Bible – Isaiah 11:1-9. The Lion Shall Eat Straw Like the Ox.

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve – Lection V1:18-20. The Wolf Shall Lay Down With the Lamb.The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ Index (7)

All Creation respects JESUS PROMISE of Paradise Restored.

Yeshua warned His disciples His DOCTRINE would suffer corruption. This is evident in the scripture below.

From The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ Index (62)

Jesus Gives The Sign Of The End Of Wickedness.

Yea many lies will be spoken of me in that age, THINGS I SPOKE NOT unto ye, NOR TAUGHT NOT, for they will lust after much flesh and sin, and their evil will mount higher than a new moon of thy season and many will believe and be lost.

At the End of the Great Tribulation God’s ELECT will be removed, from the sinners of this world. This fact is mentioned in the scripture below.

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve - Lection LX1: Jesus Foretelleth The End.

10. Immediately after the TRIBULATION of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from Heaven, and the powers of the Heavens shall be shaken. 11. And then shall appear the sign of the SON of MAN in Heaven; and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of Heaven with power and great glory. And HE SHALL SEND HIS ANGELS with a great sound as of a trumpet, and THEY SHALL GATHER HIS ELECT from the four winds, from one end of Heaven to the other.

(Similar Bible reference, Matthew 24:30-31 Signs of His Coming)

There is one more important fact Yeshua is recorded telling His disciples about the End Of Days.

The scripture below reveals the fact.

The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ Index (62) Jesus Gives The Sign Of The End Of Wickedness. “But the Eternal Spirit of All, shall SEND FORTH His holy MESSENGERS, and THEY SHALL RESTORE the HOLY LAW anew, which WICKED MAN have HIDDEN by their VAIN TRADITIONS, and THOSE that BELIEVE NOT the HOLY LAW SHALL PERISH.

(Similar scriptures, The Gospel of the Holy Twelve – Lection LX1: Verse 3. Jesus Messengers &

The Bible, Revelation 11:3-14 The Two Witnesses)

In closing, the time for the Holy Days of Easter is upon us once again. And sadly, the majority of the Christian Churches today are not worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth as Yeshua taught.

(Bible reference, John 4:24)

I hope and pray multitudes of people will begin to realize Yeshua’s true mission.

If anyone is interested in listening to my brother Russell and my anointing please go to The Unified Church of Christ and Truth Home page and click onto the PROPHETS section. Then scroll down to the caption Interview: Russell and Paul Maddock

Russell and Paul Maddock reveal the emotional details of their anointings.

This concludes the Message: The Truthful Reason Why Yeshua was Crucified.

I Paul Maddock and my brother give all Glory to the Eternal All and Yeshua. Amen.