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September 2020 Worship Service



Unified Church of Christ and Truth Nondenominational Worship Service, conducted in the format as taught by Jesus to His chosen Twelve, and recorded by Apostle John. Father Placidus, in 1870, found Jesus' Gospel John recorded, and on his way back to Rome he translated it from Aramaic to Latin. He read the translation to a gathering of Cardinals, and when they learned it contained doctrine not authorized by by the First Council of Nicaea 325 AD, they decided to secret it in the Vatican archives, as they feared the adverse effect the Church would experience, should the public gain knowledge of its contents. Thanks to Fr. Placidus and the dedication of 3 others, the contents did become public knowledge.

Discovering the Scene of the Crime

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve – Lection XL1V: The Confession of the Twelve Christ the True Rock.


4. All truth is in God and I bear witness unto the truth. I am the TRUE Rock and on this ROCK do I build my CHURCH and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it and out of this Rock shall flow rivers of living water to give life to the peoples of the earth. 5.Ye are my CHOSEN TWELVE. In me, the Head and Corner stone, are the twelve foundations of my house builded on the rock, and on YOU in ME shall my Church be built, and in truth and righteousness shall my Church be established. 6. And ye shall sit on twelve thrones and send forth light and truth to all the twelve tribes of Israel after the Spirit and I will be with you, even unto the end of the world. 7. But there shall ARISE after you, MEN of PERVERSE MINDS who shall through ignorance or through craft, SUPPRESS many things which I have spoken unto you and lay to me things WHICH I NEVER TAUGHT, sowing TARES among the good wheat which I have given you to sow in the world. (Scripture reference the Bible – MATTHEW   13:3-9. Parable of the Tares & The Tares Parable Explained, Verses 37-43.) 8. Then shall the truth of God ENDURE the CONTRADICTION of SINNERS, for thus it hath been and thus it will be. But the TIME COMETH when the THINGS which they have HIDDEN shall be REVEALED and MADE KNOWN, and the TRUTH shall make FREE those which were BOUND. 9. One is your Master, all ye are brethren and one is not greater than another in the place which I have given unto you, for ye have one Master, even Christ, who is over you and with you and in you and there is no inequality among my twelve, or their fellows. 10. All are equally near unto me. Strive ye not therefore for the first place, for ye are all first, because ye are the FOUNDATION STONES and PILLARS of the CHURCH, built on the truth which is in ME and in YOU. 11.Verily when ye and your fellows agree together touching anything in my Name, I am in the midst of you and with you. 12. Woe is the time when the spirit of the world entereth into the Church and MY DOCTRINES and PRECEPTS are made VOID through the CORRUPTION of men and of women. Woe is the world when these things shall be.

Praise be to God.

The Clementine Homilies – EPISTLE OF PETER TO JAMES.

CHAP.2. – Misrepresentation of Peter’s doctrine.

In order, therefore, that the like may also happen to those among us as to these SEVENTY, (Moses Chosen 70 - Scripture Bible reference, NUMBERS 11:16-17),  give the books of my preachings to our brethren, with the like mystery of initiation, that they may INDOCTRINATE THOSE who wish to take part in TEACHING; for if it be not so done, our WORD of TRUTH will be RENT into MANY OPINIONS. And this I KNOW, not as being a prophet, but as ALREADY SEEING the beginning of this very EVIL. For some from among the Gentiles have REJECTED my LEGAL PREACHING, attaching themselves to certain LAWLESS and trifling PREACHING of the MAN who is my ENEMY. (Peters enemy, Apostle Paul. For reference see RCD Home - Unified Church of Christ and Truth page and click onto PAUL: UNDENIABLE BIBLICAL PROOF HE’S A FALSE APOSTLE). And these things some have attempted while I am still ALIVE, to TRANSFORM MY WORDS by certain VARIOUS INTERPRETATIONS, in order to the DISSOLUTION of the LAW; as though I also myself were of such a mind, but did not freely proclaim it, which God forbid! For such a thing were to act IN OPPOSITION  to the LAW of God which was SPOKEN by MOSES, and was borne witness to by our Lord, (Yeshua) in respect of its ETERNAL CONTINUANCE; for thus HE SPOKE: “The heavens and the earth shall pass away, but one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law.” (See similar Bible scripture reference – MATTHEW 5:17-18.) And this He has said, that all things might come to pass. But these men, PROFESSING, I know not how, to know my mind, undertake to explain my words, which they have heard of me, more intelligently than I who spoke to them, telling their CATECHUMENS, (a person receiving fundamental instruction), that this is my meaning, which indeed I NEVER thought of. But if, while I am still alive, they dare thus to MISREPRESENT ME, how much more will those who shall come AFTER ME dare to do so!

Praise be to Yeshua.

Discovering the Scene of the Crime

The dream begins as I was setting at the dinner table in my home and looking at the News Paper. As I gazed at the Title Heading, it read: MISSING BRIDE, SUSPICION of EVIL INTENT. I immediately got out of my chair and drove to an old Church. As I pulled into the side parking lot, I was drawn to the back part of the Church. As I walked to the back of the building, I noticed a large pile of brown leaves to the right side of the steps, which was attached to the upper landing and back entrance. The Church building extended out past the steps on the right side, by about Twenty feet. It was there that I found a wedding dress hidden underneath the big pile of leaves. The wedding dress was still RADIANT WHITE and SPOTLESS in its appearance.  At that point, the dream ends

The explanation of the dream.

The Title of the dream gives a great clue, given by the Holy Spirit of God. Being that the evidence of the missing Brides Dress was found hidden under the pile of leaves at the back of the OLD Church, is a monumental find to solving this crime. Symbolically, the Brides Dress signifies the APPAREL of the HOLY BRIDE of Christ, HIS True CHURCH. Thus, a GLORIOUS Church without Spot, Wrinkle or Blemish. A church who has embraced the genuine teachings of Yeshua and His disciples, by being obedient to the EVERLASTING COMMANDMENTS of Almighty God. These commandments are what Yeshua’s doctrine was based upon.  But through the Evil One and his TARES, the genuine doctrine Yeshua taught was CHANGED to fit the narrative of a VICARIOUS ATONEMENT for sin. Meaning, the innocent blood of another must be shed for lawless acts committed against God. The Tares changed Christ original doctrine to read, one is saved by GRACE and NOT by Good WORKS. To the contrary, Yeshua taught His disciples, that a person is saved by good works according to the Everlasting Humane Law of God.

Scripture reference The Bible – 1PETER 1: Be Ye Holy.

16. Because it is written, Be, ye holy; for I am holy.

17. And if ye call on the Father, who without respect of persons JUDGETH ACCORDING to EVERY MAN’S WORK, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear:  Here we find in the above verses, Peter is teaching our Heavenly Father JUDGES a person according to their good works. For Almighty God to judge us, there had to be an Everlasting Law already in place. And within the Christian Bible that point is made. Listen to the words of Yeshua very carefully!

Scripture reference The Bible – MATTHEW 5: Sermon on the Mount.

17. Think not that I, am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

18. For verily I say unto you Till HEAVEN and EARTH PASS, one jot or one tittle shall in no WISE PASS FROM the LAW, till all be fulfilled.

Peter’s teaching on the Law of God.


“But thus, the matter stands. The only good God having made all things well and having handed them over to man, who was made after His image, he who had been made breathing of the divinity of Him who made him, being a true prophet and knowing all things, for the honor of the Father who had given all things to him, and for the SALVATION of the sons born of him, as a genuine Father preserving his AFFECTION towards the CHILDREN BORN of HIM, and wishing them, for their advantage, to love God and be loved of Him, showed them the way which leads to His friendship, TEACHING THEM by what DEEDS of MEN the one God and Lord of all is PLEASED; and having exhibited to them the things that are PLEASING to Him, APPOINTED A PERPETUAL LAW TO ALL.

 Again, the DOCTRINE Yeshua taught was founded firmly upon the Everlasting Humane Law of God, and in like manner, so was His disciples.

Scripture reference The Gospel of the Holy Twelve – Lection LXX111: Christ the True vine.

6. Verily, verily, the wheat is parched by fire, so must ye MY DISCIPLES pass through tribulations. But rejoice ye: for having suffered with me as ONE BODY ye shall reign with me in one body and give life to the world.

7. Herein is my, Parent, (GOD), glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples. As the All-Parent, hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love. If ye KEEP my COMMANDMENTS, ye shall abide in my love; even as I HAVE KEPT my Parent’s commandments and abide in the spirit of love.

10. These things I command you, that ye love one another and all the CREATURES OF God.

Similar scripture reference, The Essene Humane Gospel of Christ Index (72)

The commandment of ALL LOVE, Humane Love A Requirement. and The Bible – JOHN 15:8-12. Parable of the Vine.

But notice, within JOHN 15: of the Bible Canon, the Tares have removed the verse pertaining to loving all the Creatures of God!

These evil Tares throughout the generations have turned their backs towards God’s Everlasting Humane Law.  Yeshua confronted these evil doers while he walked in the flesh, during the Second Temple period.

Scripture reference, The Essene Humane Gospel of Christ Index (42)

Blood and Sacrifices Vain Do Not Take Away Sin.

And it came to pass that Yeshua was again teaching his disciples in the outer courtyard of the Temple, and one of them said unto him: Master and Lord of all knowledge, please tell us of this saying among the PRIESTS of the Temple, for they say that WITHOUT SHEDDING OF BLOOD, there is no REMISSION of SINS. Can then the blood offerings of the law THEY OBEY, take away sin and wash clean?

And Yeshua, knowing that the LAW of MOSES was CORRUPTED by the SCRIBES, who even JEREMIAH and ISAIAH spoke of, said unto his disciples these words: “See ye, the TEMPLE, the house of God, daily ye know that thousands of innocents are slain and offered up and their flesh consumed by men as UNLAWFUL FOOD; and yet the PROPHETS cried out with loud voice that no blood offering, of beast or bird, or man or woman, can take away or wash sin clean! For I say unto ye, how can the conscience be purified from sin by the shedding of innocent blood? Nay, it will only increase the condemnation, for it is sin against the HOLY LAW God GIVETH FIRST unto Adam, Enoch, and Noah. Save by REPENTANCE and AMENDMENT only, there can be no remission of sins!

Similar Scripture reference, The Gospel of the Holy Twelve – Lection XXX111:

By The Shedding Of Blood Of Others Is No Remission OF Sins.

Scripture mentioning the Evil Scribes of the First Temple Period.

The Septuagint – Jeremias 8:

8. How will ye say, we are wise, and the LAW of the Lord is with us? In VAIN have the SCRIBES used a FALSE PEN.

Similar scripture reference, The Bible JEREMIAH 8:8.

Scripture references given within the Old Testament, as Isaiah and Jeremiah speak out against the corruption of Moses Law.  The Bible – ISAIAH 29:13. And JEREMIAH 7:21-24.

Scripture references for The Lawless Blood Covenant of the Old Testament – EXODUS 24: and The Blood Sacrifice Rituals and Laws – EXODUS 29: which was WRONGLY ATTRIBUTED to MOSES.

Proof of Satan’s Tare, Apostle Paul a devout Pharisee.

Scripture reference, the Bible – PHILIPPIANS 3: Paul’s Testimony.

5. Circumcised the eighth day, of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, an Hebrew of the Hebrews; as touching the LAW, a PHARISEE;

Note: The LAW mentioned in verse 5 above, is pertaining to the corrupted Blood Sacrifice Law which was falsely attributed to Moses, in the Old Testament.

Satan’s Tare, Apostle Paul, being that he was a Hebrew of a Hebrew’s and a devout Pharisee, made changes to Yeshua’s doctrine. HE fabricated Yeshua the Christ, to be a FINAL BLOOD SACRIFICE, once and for all.

Scripture references, The CORRUPTED Bible Canon - HEBREWS 9: Christ’s Blood. & HEBREWS

10: Sacrifice of Christ’s Body, Remission of Sins. Please take the time and read the text!

Truthfully, Yeshua came to put an end to the Blood Sacrifices and renew the Everlasting Humane Law. And this was the real reason they wanted Him Crucified!

Another major detrimental influence on Yeshua’s Holy Bride Church was the Roman Emperor Constantine. HE reigned as the Western emperor in 312 A.D. and was the only Roman emperor in 324. He influenced the direction of Christianity in a BIG WAY. He made sure that elements from other religions were included into one Roman State Church, known as the Roman CATHOLIC Church. This evil act gave His subjects from many religious groups, a part in the Roman State Church. This happened during the First Council of Nicaea. The Council took place in 325 A.D. This is important to understand, because much of Apostle Paul’s form of Pharisee Christianity was absorbed into the Roman State Church. Meaning, Yeshua was still LAWLESSLY favored, to be a blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin. Because of the Catholic Church and so much CORRUPTION over the generations, a great split began to take place within the Roman Church. Martin Luther was credited with the movement in 1517. This was the beginnings of the PROTESTANT CHURCH, which has many different branches today. But the Protestant’s still held onto the lawless doctrine, as Christ being their Blood Sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin, as their Mother Church did.

As the dream foretells, after looking at the Headlines of the News Paper: Missing Bride, Suspicion of Evil Intent, I immediately drove to an Old Church. This signifies the Roman Catholic Church. I pray through this dream, which I received by God’s Spirit, that many people will be awakened to the OLD evil crime committed against Yeshua’s HOLY BRIDE CHURCH. Yeshua’s precious doctrine was thrown out and hidden by the Roman Catholic Apostate Church! This was signified by the Brides Dress hidden underneath the large pile of brown leaves, at the back of the Church.

It has been impressed upon me by God’s Spirit, that the Everlasting Humane Law, is symbolically equivalent to the WEDDING VOWS recited at a MARRIAGE between a GROOM and his BRIDE, which is a symbol for Christ and His Holy Bride Church.

Scripture reference, the Bible K.J.V. – REVELATION 19: Marriage of the Lamb.

5. And a voice came out of the throne, saying, Praise, our God, all ye his SERVANTS, and ye that fear him, both small and great.

6. And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.

7. Let us be glad and rejoice and give honor to him: for the MARRIAGE of (Yeshua), the Lamb, is come, and his WIFE hath made herself ready.

8. And to HER was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, CLEAN and WHITE: for the fine linen is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of SAINTS.

9. And he saith unto me, Write, BLESSED, are they which are CALLED unto the MARRIAGE supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These, are the true sayings of God.

Yeshua and His Holy Bride’s Wedding Vows.

The Essene Humane Doctrine of Christ Index (52) Yeshua Again gives The Holy Humane Law.    And standing upon his feet, Yeshua spake, saying: “Hear O Israel, the Eternal All, Thy God is One; Many are My overseers and My prophets. In Me all live and move and have subsistence.

“Ye shall love thy God with all your understanding of the Holy Law.

“Ye shall love thy neighbor as yourself, even as the law instructs.

“Ye shall not take away the life of any creature for your pleasure, nor for your profit, nor yet torment it.

“Ye shall not steal the goods of any, nor gather lands and riches to yourselves, beyond your need or use.

“Ye shall not eat the flesh, nor drink the blood of any slaughtered creature, nor yet anything which bringeth disorder to your health or senses.

“Ye shall not make impure marriages, where love and health are not, nor yet corrupt yourselves, or any creature made pure by the Holy One.

“Ye shall not bear false witness, against any, nor willfully deceive and by a lie to hurt them.

“Ye shall not do unto others, as ye would not that others should do unto you.

“Ye shall worship One Eternal, the Father-Mother in Heaven, of Whom are all things, and reverence the Holy Name, keeping sacred Their daily holy communions.

“Ye shall revere your fathers and your mothers on earth, whose care is for you, and all the teachers of righteousness.

“Ye shall cherish and protect the weak, and those who are oppressed, and all creatures that suffer wrong.

“Ye shall work with your hands the things that are good and seemly; so shalt ye eat the fruits of the earth and live long in the land.

“Ye shall purify yourselves daily and rest every Seventh Day from labor, keeping Holy the Sabbaths and the festivals of your God and Creator.

“Ye shall do unto others, as ye would that others should do unto you.”

The Humane Law is also found in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve – Lection XLV1:

The Transfiguration on the Mount The Giving of the Law.

Even though Yeshua’s Holy Bride Church has suffered much hardship by the hands of the Evil One’s Tares over many generations, SHE is not DEAD! And in this LAST DAY GENERATION Almighty God has His CHOSEN ONES here proclaiming the Holy Commandments to follow for the salvation of the soul.

Scripture reference, The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ Index (62)

Yeshua Gives The Sign Of The End Of Wickedness.

“But the Eternal Spirit of All, shall send forth His holy MESSENGERS, and they shall RESTORE the holy law anew, which wicked men have HIDDEN by their VAIN TRADITIONS, and those that believe NOT the holy law shall perish!

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve – Lection LX1: Jesus Foretelleth The End.

5. And because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And THIS GOSPEL of the KINGDOM shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

This Gospel of the Kingdom is now being preached again unto many nations. Through this modern electronic age, it is happening quickly. Join us in worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth as the Body of Christ, Holy Bride Church.

In closing, from the scripture below, I will leave you with this question. It is your decision and I pray that you will make the correct choice.

The Bible – REVELATION 18: The Fall of Babylon.

4. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, COME OUT OF HER, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Any religion that does not teach Almighty God’s Commandments for the salvation of the soul is FALSE.

This concludes the message: DISCOVERING THE SCEEN OF THE CRIME.

A humble servant and friend of  God’s Everlasting WORD,

Paul Michael Maddock.