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This writing, ‘The Miracle of Three Physical Signs from God’ provides additional detailed information, affirmed by numerous referenced biblical resources, that totally support all of the biblical information revealed in the links above:

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This explosive accounting ordained by God, and confirmed by Him through 3 physical signs, methodically reveals through referenced biblical resources, the fact changes have been made by men to His Word. It also brings to light certain doctrine crucial to salvation that is not in the New Testament, which Jesus had given in fulfillment of the Jeremiah 31:31 prophecy: “Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel.”

The changes made by men to the Bible, have caused numerous discerning Catholics and Protestants to question obvious contradictions they have found within their Bible. For instance, Exodus 24, Verses 3 and 4, state the Lord gave words and judgments that Moses wrote down, and then Verses 7 and 8 state Moses took the book of the covenant that he wrote, and instituted the Blood Covenant. Next, in Exodus 29, Verses, 10 through 42, the Lord gave to Moses blood sacrifice rituals and laws.

The inconsistency develops when one reads Isaiah 1, Verses 11 and 12: they reveal the Lord told Isaiah something very different. Verse 11 states the Lord wanted to know the reason for all the blood sacrifices unto Him, and He made it very clear He abhorred them. Next, in Verse 12, it states the Lord wanted Isaiah to tell Him who commanded these sacrifices?

Malachi 3:6 crystallizes the fact God does not contradict Himself, so that brings into question which of the diametrically opposing lessons are of God: the lessons conveyed in Exodus 24 and 29; or those given in Isaiah 1?

A different type of inconsistency is found in Matthew 15:24, as it applies to Romans 8:3 and 10:9-10. Matthew 15:24 reveals Jesus stated: “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” However, Romans 8:3 and 10:9-10, lead one to believe God sent Jesus as salvation to all of mankind. Which is correct: did He come only for the lost sheep of Israel; or did He come to redeem all of mankind?

The King James and Catholic Bibles contain many more diametrically opposing lessons than those just addressed. God’s Book, ‘The Miracle of Three Physical Signs from God,’ through documented, referenced biblical resources, reveals facts that solidify which diametrically opposing lessons within the Old Testament are of God, as handed down through Holy Spirit and prophets. And it also crystallizes which lessons within the New Testament, are truly of Jesus, and His chosen Twelve.

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Crucial Lessons

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For God did not create religion; man did.

This booklet is about the true Doctrine Jesus preached,

and the lessons He taught regarding His Father’s true Word.


    At a young age, I knew within me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that certain lessons in the Sunday readings of the Gospel, and in Sunday school, could not possibly be of God or Jesus. Over time I learned my certainty regarding specific lessons within the Bible, came from an ‘inherent inner knowing,’ and there is a big difference between an inherent inner knowing, and hearing a message within your mind; I was born with that ‘inherent inner knowing,’ or knowledge if you will, and I learned over the years that it had been a gift from God. I also learned over the years that I am among many who have been sent here, to share with the world, the negative modifications that have been made to God’s Word, and His Son’s Doctrine.

     Beginning in 2002, a series of events began to take place, which instilled in me a firm conviction that I should devote myself to biblical research, and finally I did so. I was convinced my research would uncover answers that would satisfactorily address the conviction I had that certain lessons within the Bible could not be of God or His Son. By the way, those lessons I felt could not be of God or Jesus, had absolutely nothing to do with translation issues; albeit that is a favorite statement of those who believe the Bible is true as written. My initial research turned out to be very disappointing, as the ancient documents I studied did not contain any of the answers I had been searching for. However, one day out of the clear blue, fate stepped in and gave me a hand: a person, who did not know I had been conducting biblical research, directed me to a resource that gave me the very foundation I had been seeking. From that point on, as I exhausted one research resource, another would drop into my lap, even though I had not actively looked for it.

     In 2008, I began to make some of my biblical research public on my website, RodCDavis.com, and being the information I made public was totally contradictory to certain lessons taught within the King James and Catholic Bibles, hate e-mails and computer virus attacks became commonplace. It was during that time I began to doubt the Divine Guidance I felt I had received, and I included in my daily prayers a request asking God to provide me with a physical sign to confirm I am truly doing, and had been doing, His Will. After 2 1/2 weeks I received that physical sign, and there is an accounting of it on my website. The aforementioned accounting also includes the events that took place, beginning in 2002, which led me to believe I was to do the biblical research I had embarked upon, and since my receipt of that initial physical sign in July 2010, I received a second on July 12, 2012, albeit I had not prayed for the second sign, and disclosure of both are available on the RodCDavis and Know Your Bible pages.