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The homilies delivered by Rev. Roderick C. Davis, which originated thru Holy Spirit inspiration, are very different from those given in most worship services. Rev. Davis addresses lessons given in the Old and New Testaments of both the King James and Catholic Bibles, and as he does, the spirituality of his homilies becomes crystal clear. Rev. Davis also drives home the fact that the messages of the lessons he addresses, are the same, no matter which Bible he had taken them from. Why? The corresponding Verses within each Bible convey the same message, even though some words in the corresponding Verse, may be different.


The Jewish Christian Movement, which evolved after Jesus’ crucifixion, consisted of Jesus’ followers, many of whom personally knew Jesus. Those initiated into the Christhood, preached and taught the lessons they learned from Jesus, and many lessons He taught that are crucial to salvation, are not in the New Testament. Jesus gave those lessons to mankind in fulfillment of the prophecy His Father gave to His prophet, Jeremiah, in Chapter 31, Verse 31: I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah. Through his homilies, Rev. Davis addresses all of those lessons Jesus taught, that are crucial to salvation.


During this age of miracles, two men, Russell and Paul Maddock, God’s Anointed Prophets and Two Witnesses, have experienced miracles and visions, as did prophets of the Old Testament, and some of the miracles and visions they experienced, have already come to pass. The Maddock brothers, while not being totally without sin, as is the case with all Christians, nevertheless have led an exemplary Christian life, and the blessings God has bestowed upon them thru Holy Spirit, is testimony to that fact.


The Maddock brothers’ dreams and visions revealed in this writing, are inspirational, to say the least, and they are explained, as per Holy Spirit’s guidance, thru Books of the Old Testament, Revelations, and New Testament Gospels and epistles. The combination of the homilies given by Rev. Roderick C. Davis, and the explanation of the dreams and visions given by Holy Spirit to the Maddock brothers, crystallize beyond doubt, the Old Testament lessons within the King James and Catholic Bibles, that are not of God, and those lessons in the New Testament, that are not of Jesus.

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We, Rev. Davis and the Maddock Brothers, have dedicated our lives to sharing the knowledge divinely bestowed upon us, with souls around the world, and we present this Challenge to the hierarchies and clergies of the Catholic Church, and those of all Protestant Denominations: intensely study the information we share, along with the numerous referenced biblical resources provided, and then tell us and the world, the lessons we teach are false, without knowing you are absolutely lying.

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